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Manufacturing Shop Software That Helps You Sell More, Instantly

Empower your shop's estimating team with tools that allow them to process RFQs in minutes not days. Provide your customers the modern experience they want, allow them to drag-drop CAD files to get pricing, and place orders 24/7 on your site. DigiFabster is designed to be quick to implement, easy to use, and flexible to match your business processes.
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Trusted by Top Manufacturing Companies

We set out to change the way shop software was implemented. Our browser-based quoting solution is instant-on and requires no installation or maintenance from your staff. Setup can be completed in a matter of hours and our support staff is available 24/7 to assist if you have 1 or 100 machines. Our mission is to allow a quick and painless path to RFQ automation and growing your business.


Flexibility: Run Digifabster how you run your business

We understand not every business wants and needs a full automated e-commerce solution. DigiFabster allows for 4 configurations for handling RFQ request — instant pricing, manual review, manual review with price threshold and TBD mode where cutstomers can upload a model and order their part with no pricing displayed.

Quote Less, Sell More


Own Your Online Real Estate

Don't share your revenue and be dependent on someone else's platform. Instead, build repeatable business and own your own online real estate. Win more business day and night by turning orders into quotes instantly!


Build More Sales With Less Labor

Grow your manufacturing business by managing quotes, orders and customers online. Give your team powerful, but easy-to-use job shop quoting software that allows them to work more productively.


Get Robust and Secure Tools That Easily Integrate Into Your Workflow

Remove labor costs involved with processing and tracking quotes and orders. Fully automate your job shop floor by seamlessly integrating with your ERP, CRM and accounting software.

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Around-the-clock support

Our dedicated support teams in the US and Europe are available any time of day in any time zone.

From marketing to operations we work closely with you, ensuring you get the most out of our software, enabling you to maximize your business's growth.

Faster Quotes Powered by Intelligent Model Processing


Smart Quoting Tool

Don’t keep customers waiting. Generate quotes in minutes! DigiFabster's online quoting tool allows you to accept quote requests through your website or a secure portal. Our flexible order flow allows you to route customers from quote to checkout using specific triggers and custom review processes. You configure the level of oversight that you want for each RFQ.

Upload up to 30 CAD files at one time.

STEP, STL, IGES, OBJ, 3MF and archivesAll files are securely stored on ITAR compliant servers
Thin wallsThin walls
Walls are too thin, minimum recommended thickness value is 3.0 mm
Show thin walls

Instant Manufacturing Feedback

With CAD files, there's lots of room for error. You have to ensure wall thickness, holes, traps, radii, reclamping and unreachable pockets are all identified and accounted for and we have you covered.

DigiFabster uses data science to analyze the geometry of your customer files, giving you, and them, instant feedback on manufacturability, while also identifying limitations and suggesting best practices to fix.

We accomplish this by displaying a built-in 3D preview with rotation, zooming, and the ability to change orientation, highlighting issues with the 3D model in real-time.


Documents Automatically

You don't need five different software programs just to handle an order. The DigiFabster platform does it all, from generating a quote to creating invoices, purchase orders, packing lists. We even manage online payment!

Moreover, with DigiFabster you can integrate with your shipping and tax software or use our onboard solution to generate shipping labels and automatically estimate sales tax.


Track Orders Progress and Manage Customers Online

Don't have a customer management system? No worries. DigiFabster's built-in job shop CRM tools manage all aspects of customer and project management, keeping your clients updated throughout the order process.

Our CRM system automatically notifies your customers via email. All communications are white-labeled, and you can even use your own pre-formatted templates.

Want to slice and dice your customer data? You have total access to all customer information and can export it (via CSV) for use with email outreach and other marketing tactics.


No-Hassle Web Installation

No more frustration with endless installation and updates. DigiFabster is designed to be easy and painless. Easily copy and paste one-line of code and you are ready to go.

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Suitable For All Kinds of Manufacturing Businesses

DigiFabster offers a "one stop" solution for shops who use many different kinds of manufacturing technologies. Whether you do additive manufacturing, CNC machining or other subtractive processes, we've got you covered.

Machine Shops

3D Printing Services


Equipment Resellers

Injection Molding Shop

Fabrication Shop

Need A Custom Solution?

Try Our API-Based Modular System



Clients are more satisfied with our prompt response of quotations and the good management that is done so that the orders arrive quickly and with no detail made wrong, all this is thanks to Digifabster that with its great functions of use allows to realize these wonderful marketing strategies for customers to increase by our good name that is acquired.

Joseph Perez
Quality Control Manager en Amkor Technology, Inc.

DigiFabster has been a solution for our entire company, we have automated in the processes, in terms of quotation has been wonderful, the implementation of this product has reduced our operational costs, what has been to my liking is the customer service, this we have solved the problems quickly and efficiently, has a very good interface.

Guillermina Correa
Director en ldc store, c.a

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