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    Turn curious 'window shoppers' into loyal customers by building personal relationships.

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    Direct Email Communication

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  • Direct Email Communication

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    Get the same power of instant order processing as some of the larger service bureaus, for a flat monthly fee.

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Why customers prefer DigiFabster


Self-Checkout Service

Every quote comes at a cost! Our solution can quickly save one full-time staff headcount by handling ready-to-print orders via self-checkout web based solution.

Reallocate time to actual production, away from processing requests for quotes!

See how to quickly set up your printers and materials

  • 5-min Installation

  • Spam Uploads

  • Customers
    Feedback Loop

  • Automatic
    Model Repair

Tangent Design

DigiFabster’s UI is incomparable to others and the speed at which the backend operates is very much faster than any other solution. For a software that will handle a great deal of STL files, order details, and customer information, speed is of the essence. Their customer service is great, and there is a great team behind this software! DigiFabster is our go-to solution.

Christina Perla
Christina Perla, co-founder Makelab & Tangent Design Inc.

Intelligent customer assistance

Each RFQ takes time, but most customers prefer not to wait.

Doubles the leads-to-orders conversion rate by advanced self-service experience and automated relationship management where suitable.

Learn how to increase conversion rate using DigiFabster

  • Guided Materials

  • Selecting a Printer
    by Size

Facil 3D

We first came across DigiFabster by reading about it an article on the internet. Then we have done some research, and concluded that we liked its offer and shared its vision about customer needs. Using the DigiFabster platform allowed us to streamline our customer quotations to delivery workflow, and its team has been really helpful and open to tailor and improve the platform to fit our needs

Sebastián Podestá
Sebastián Podestá, Gerente de Operaciones, Fácil 3D

Simple and light 3D Printing CRM

We know how important it is to handle each and every lead. Ours is a simple way to make it easier.

Increases repeat business by one third while keeping customers informed, forging a strong relationship, and providing incentives to place more orders.

Learn how to keep customers happy using DigiFabster

  • Full Access to Database
    with Export Option

  • Mobile-friendly

  • Third-party integration
    with CRM/ERP

Inception 3D

Thanks so much for the effort you guys put in, we really appreciate it

August, inception3d.com

Enjoy full control of your business and destiny

We do not interfere with your customer interactions and relationships.You choose logo, email address and text for communication with your customer.

We provide integration with industry leading solutions to ensure that DigiFabster is seamlessly integrated in the overall picture of business effectiveness.

Want to integrate DigiFabster with other software? Try our API

DigiFabster supports all the most popular methods of payment, such as PayPal, Credit cards, iDeal, plus the more traditional, and still sometimes expected, generation of electronic invoices.

We welcome you no matter the size of your business!

  • 3D printing service

    Can save tens of thousands of dollars per year and noticeably increase leads-to-orders
    conversion rate
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  • Industrial design company

    Deploy plug-n-play solution easily and accurately. Integrate with existing CRM/ERP work
    flows and software
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  • Enterprise

    Assure secure transparency of software infrastructure across all facets of your
    business operations
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See how DigiFabster can help you

Provide instant quotes for your customers in a minutes. Quick and easy install

  • Set up your printers & materials

    100+ most widely used printers already pre-populated

  • Put up widget onto website

    Copy/paste one line of iframe HTML code

  • Drum up business and revenues

    Start accepting and processing RFQs/orders without delay

Market-tested solution for your 3D-printing business

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