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<strong>Terms and conditions</strong>
Prices quoted do not include any applicable sales tax.<br />Prices quoted do not include any applicable shipping charges.<br />Payment Terms // Credit Card or Purchase Order on approval—to avoid additional penalties, payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.<br />A cut-off time of 4:00 PM PST is strictly enforced for all orders specified as "Next Day" (this ensures that the next day counts as the first business day).<br />Prices quoted do not include finishing or post-processing unless otherwise specified.<br />ANiMA is not responsible for checking parts to fit in assemblies before shipment.<br />Upon request, ANiMA will measure up to four dimensions as part of quality control at no additional charge.<br />Prototypes are not intended for production use.<br />ANiMA is not responsible for accuracy of CAD data provided by customers. Parts are 3D printed directly from customer files.<br />ANiMA does not recommend 3D printing a wall thickness less than 1mm—chance of breakage is likely during cleaning process and no guarantee of form to specifications.<br />ANiMA is not responsible for fixing/preparing CAD data for 3D printing unless otherwise specified in quotation.<br />Unless otherwise specified, the finish on all 3D printed parts (matte or glossy) will be chosen by the technician based on what optimizes quality and structural integrity.<br />ANiMA is not responsible for late shipments due to unforeseen situations with shipping company.<br />Due to the customization of services performed, the customer cannot cancel this order after ANiMA has started its services.<br />If work has not begun, a 15% cancellation fee of the total purchase order amount will be charged.<br />Nonconforming Goods //<br />Buyer shall inspect all goods upon tender and delivery by ANiMA. Should any of the goods be nonconforming goods, Buyer must notify ANiMA in writing within ten (10) days for prototype parts or thirty (30) days<br />for tooled parts of ANiMA's tender and delivery of the goods describing the nature of any nonconformity.<br />ANiMA shall have the right and option to repair or replace any nonconforming goods.<br />The failure of Buyer to notify ANiMA in writing that the goods are nonconforming within 10 days (prototype parts) or 30 days (tooled parts) of ANiMA’s tender and delivery of the goods, shall constitute<br />acceptance of the goods and Buyer shall be liable to ANiMA for the total order price.</p>

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