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Digifabster, Inc. ("Digifabster", "we", or "us") provides you ("you") a service for automation of order flow for 3D printing and similar offerings (the "Digifabster Service").

Digifabster Service is accessible by you and the users of your Web Site through a Digifabster Widget ("Widget") that you must install on your Web Site. A Widget is a small software module operating within or connecting to the Digifabster environment and appearing on a Web Site of your designation, which provides you with access to a variety of content and services provided by Digifabster and its network of 3D printing providers.

By installing a Widget or by using the Digifabster Service, you agree to these Terms of Service. These Terms and Conditions may be changed by Digifabster at any time with due notice as described below. If you object to any such changes, your sole recourse is to stop using the Widget and remove the Widget (and associated software code) from your Web Site.

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