Fits all types of businesses

DigiFabster runs a very flexible solution that can easily be adapted to your business requirements


3DP Services

Save up to $20K+ per year on order management and focus on production, rather than on routine administration.

Jewelry companies

Offer your customers one-stop shopping for wax models and precious metal products.


Automate your workflow and give students and faculty members the easiest tool to manage your 3D Printing Lab service.

Industrial design companies

'Capture the lead' on your website and turn it into a full-fledged design-to-manufacturing project.


Steer and monitor productivity gains across the existing network without service delays.

Empower your 3D printing business

Offer the customer user-friendly tool backed by sophisticated, cutting edge technology. Turn curious 'window shoppers' into loyal customers. Reallocate time to actual production, away from processing requests for quotes.


The cloud-based program analyzes each uploaded 3D model and automatically finds glaring irregularities and fixes them, thus enabling a seamless transition to the actual production. It addresses common annoying gaps, such as mispositioned triangles, misaligned edges, and uncalled-for openings.

You can program timely and professional correspondence with your customer while strengthening focus on your core competence


DigiFabster’s UI is incomparable to others and the speed at which the backend operates is very much faster than any other solution. For a software that will handle a great deal of STL files, order details, and customer information, speed is of the essence. Their customer service is great, and there is a great team behind this software! DigiFabster is our go-to solution.

Christina Perla
Christina Perla, co-founder Makelab & Tangent Design Inc.

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