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Email Integration
Some orders and RFQs will continue arriving at your desk via email. The full email integration into our back office solution eliminates the need to manually administer such requests. Now all your leads, orders, customers and models can be handled efficiently from one place.
Multiple Uploads
It is frustrating and time consuming for your customer to upload models one by one when he has many to submit for the printing. Multiple Upload Feature addresses this elegantly by allowing simultaneous upload of up to 30 models.
Automatic Model Repair
The time spent on checking the integrity of the uploaded model and the resources spent on getting it ready to print can pile up fast. You can now trust the automatic model checking and ‘healing’ at the point of the actual upload, with all popular file formats reliably supported.
  • Up to 30 Models Multi-upload
    Provides ease and convenience of simultaneous upload in case of multiple models, whereas each model is ‘healed’ and quoted separately. Customer chooses variable parameters for each model.
  • Up to 300 MB File Size Support
    Gives generous flexibility to upload anything from simple and small to large and complex. Less cases where manual intervention is needed for quote generation.
  • 3D Preview
    Shows real-time rendering of each 3D model, with pan and zoom features. Customer sees and signs off on exactly what he expects. Less cancelled and returned orders.
  • Comprehensive Pricing Setup
    Offers flexible material settings and full control of instant quotation parameters. Only as-needed maintenance needed after the initial setup. Customer gets immediate and accurate quote every time.
  • Customized Email Communication
    Generates tailored automatic email communication in professional and timely fashion. Does away with confusion and manual email generation in standard situations.
  • Automatic Invoice Generation
    Produces instant and accurate invoices for electronic or physical delivery. Eliminates mistakes in accounting and builds trust with the customer.


“We first came across DigiFabster by reading about it an article on the internet. Then we have done some research, and concluded that we liked its offer and shared its vision about customer needs. Using the DigiFabster platform allowed us to streamline our customer quotations to delivery workflow, and its team has been really helpful and open to tailor and improve the platform to fit our needs“
Sebastián Podestá
Gerente de Operaciones, Fácil 3D
“Thanks so much for the effort you guys put in, we really appreciate it”
“Building an online quoting and checkout tool would be incredibly expensive for a small business and would take a long time to show ROI. With Digifabster we get to offer our clients the same great instant order process as some of the other larger service bureaus for a low monthly fee”
Dylan Sessler
Co-founder, Autotiv Manufacturing
New Hampshire, USA
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