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Key Product Development Updates 2016

    • July
      SLM added
      Another technology was updated: Selective Laser Melting (SLM). Knowing your nominal melt and growth rate, you can now calculate cost based on, among others, printing time.
      Tax invoices
      Especially for our B2B customers: Invoice templates can now be customized to be in line with your local tax laws. It is now possible to use two company addresses, the first legal, the second physical.
      Billing and Delivery
      Especially for our B2B customers: when ordering, your clients can indicate both the delivery and billing address for their order. Together with the customizable invoice templates, this makes for automatically generated correct tax invoices.
      Customized email address
      When taking out either the Basic or Premium plans, you can now have your automatically generated emails sent from your own email address instead of the support@digifabster.com address
    • June
      Data export
      We made it possible to export order-, and customer related data from the DigiFabster back-office, e.g. for import into bookkeeping programs. Premium customers can have custom queries and reports prepared, in CSV, XML or JSON for seamless import into other programs.
      FDM: Filling calculation
      We installed a fast and effective method for calculating filling costs for FDM.
      Sensible file names
      Model files, archived on our servers, now get a relevant file name, similar to the original file name.
    • May
      RFQ Notes
      Without potentially disruptive leaving the widget, the end user can communicate with you by writing a note and/or attaching a file that you would then see together with his uploaded model(-s).
      Wall Thickness Check
      The end user would get notified and warned when uploading a model with wall thickness less than predetermined by you.
      Selective Laser Sintering
      The nylon materials, used for SLS, are now fully supported and programmable with relevant pricing parameters, such as volume, surface, height, etc.
    • April
      End User Authentication
      To prevent anonymous ‘overcrowding’ of your website and widget, as well as to provide you with possibility to effectively follow up on the leads, all wishing to upload a 3D model on your website have to provide basic registration information about themselves.
      Client Data Management
      All information on buying customers and leads can be viewed in one place, and conveniently filtered/ranked by a variety of useful parameters (date, amount, name, email, etc.)
      Batch Download
      You can download and process the multiple files, which were uploaded by end user, in one go, and get to start printing them faster and in the preferred order.
    • March
      Material Ranking Management
      The order in which your materials are shown on the widget can now simply be adjusted by you from the Admin Portal.
      This popular, and often demanded, payment method was added as an option for your end user’s convenience.
      Flexible Pricing Parameters
      The important and often utilized pricing levers, "start-up costs" and "minimum order amount”, are granulated for more accurate steering from the Admin Portal.
      3D Preview Engine
      State of the art deployment, with handy features of ‘rotation’, ‘zoom’, and ‘pan’, for ultimate visualization before placing the order
    • February
      Multi-Model Upload
      Up to 10 3D models can be simultaneously uploaded on the widget, for the convenience of both parties.
      Increased File Size Allowance
      Your end user can upload 3D files up to 100Mb in size which successfully removes many limitations to obtaining real time instant quotation.
    • January
      Manual Check Option
      The end user, when the uploaded model could not be successfully repaired, has an option to send it to you for manual review without leaving your site or the widget.

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