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3D People Doubles Sales with DigiFabster and Strategic Search

See how this London-based AM shop increased business 100% in just one quarter.


DigiFabster Subscription

100% Growth

doubled its customer base in one quarter


customers using instant quote feature

Felix Manley started 3D People in 2015, in the basement of his student flat. The fledgling startup was mostly focused on prototyping, project development and DFM, but as the 3D printing market grew, so did 3D People — too big for Felix’s basement.

The AM shop now specializes in commercial electronics manufacture and high-value machinery parts. Today, 90% of its customers are consumer electronic OEMs: savvy customers who expect instant quoting and purchasing solutions online.


3D / Additive Manufacturing

  • Reduce automated quoting downtime and the number of customer email inquiries for the majority of jobs.
  • Replace the current quoting tool with something that’s fast and flexible for a range of different file types, and provides a great user experience for different types of customers.
  • Integrate DigiFabster’s API solutions to 3D People’s custom-made production management software.
  • Place test orders and introduce the new tool to customers.
  • Fully integrate DigiFabster on the customer-facing website for instant quoting, ordering, and shipping.
  • Ramp up SEO and LinkedIn marketing efforts to find new customers.

DigiFabster Package Summary

Unlimited active machines
Simultaneous file uploads
Instant & Manual RFQ Tools
Customer & Order Manager
Shipping & Tax Automation
Orders/customers CSV Export
Shop Marketing Support Package
Customizable invoices, email templates, DFM notifications, file names, etc.
Sales Dashboard
Full White Labeling
Available CRM/ERP/Accounting Integration
API Access via webhook
Multi-user access
Full API Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Multiple-account support
Customizable Workflow
1-day Training Package


3D People"It was important to have a system that delivered accurate, consistent quotes and gave our customers fair and reliable prices."
Felix ManleyFelix ManleyFounder and Technical Consultant, 3D People

3D People originally used a DigiFabster competitor’s software, but found it unwieldy and clunky on the backend. Even worse, it was prone to lots of downtime on the customer side, blocking potential sales and driving customers to email 3D People with questions that the software should have answered, had it been functioning properly.

With nearly 90% of 3D People’s customer base opting for instant quotes online, 3D People needed a fast, flexible, and user-friendly solution to replace the software that caused so many customer complaints. They also needed a better user experience than what they had previously, which was overly complicated for a large portion of their customers.


3D People"There were backend problems with the competitor’s software — its formula generating system was difficult to use. But we also had to focus on the customer experience and make sure it was a seamless experience for them."
Felix ManleyFelix ManleyFounder and Technical Consultant, 3D People

While customer experience was a huge driver in 3D People’s decision to switch to DigiFabster, they also had other non-negotiable criteria.

For one, 3D People has its own production management and ERP software, so DigiFabster’s backend API solutions were key to the flexibility they were missing from the previous software.

DigiFabster’s API also provided a swift and easy integration, which was also a must-have.

Just a little over two months after their first conversation with DigiFabster, the quoting tool was fully implemented on 3D People’s website and customers were seamlessly uploading CAD files and getting instant, accurate quotes.



3D People"Since implementing DigiFabster, our sales have doubled."
Felix ManleyFelix ManleyFounder and Technical Consultant, 3D People

In late 2020, when the worst of the pandemic was petering out and business was on the uptick, 3D People had started new marketing efforts, such as Google Ad spends. They also did significant SEO work on their website copy while implementing DigiFabster.

This proved to be a powerful trifecta: the SEO work combined with their ad spend increased traffic to their site 10-fold. And with the DigiFabster instant quoting tool there to catch, engage, and convert all those new customers, the business has grown 100%.


To learn more about 3D People, we encourage you to visit their website.


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