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Additive 3D Asia Increases Sales by 50% After Implementing DigiFabster

DigiFabster’s first customer in Asia received tens of thousands of dollars worth of new orders on average each month after launching with us.

Over 100%

Increase in monthly sales

36 - 40

Labor hours saved

2 minutes

Average quote time

Additive 3D Asia is a low-volume, short-run contract manufacturer that takes order quantities from 1 to 10,000 for medical, aerospace, manufacturing, engineering, automotive, and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) clients across Southeast Asia.

Their customers are international / multinational brands and blue-chip companies with a presence in Asia Pacific, as well as Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Additive 3D Asia provides end-to-end deliverables, from consultation and digital file analysis to professional 3D printing services and high quality 3D printing post processing.


3D / Additive Manufacturing

  • Reduce quote time for customers and cut down on internal labor hours used for manual entry.
  • Scale business quickly with an automated quoting feature.
  • Provide new and existing customers with a round-the-clock self service option.
  • Integrate DigiFabster’s quoting tool and customize backend preferences including pricing, materials, and other details.
  • Test functionality and introduce the quick-quoting tool to customers.

DigiFabster Package Summary

Unlimited active machines
Simultaneous file uploads
Instant & Manual RFQ Tools
Customer & Order Manager
Shipping & Tax Automation
Orders/customers CSV Export
Shop Marketing Support Package
Customizable invoices, email templates, DFM notifications, file names, etc.
Sales Dashboard
Full White Labeling
Available CRM/ERP/Accounting Integration
API Access via webhook
Multi-user access
Full API Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Multiple-account support
Customizable Workflow
1-day Training Package


Additive 3D Asia"We had a fully manual calculation process involving a custom developed quotation sheet in-house. This required us to enter in the 3D model dimensions manually for each customer. We realized this process was a limitation if we wanted to scale the business quickly."
Jason JooJason JooRegional Sales Director and Co-Founder

Like most businesses in their formative years, Additive 3D Asia was focused on scaling their business quickly. While finding new customers is important, making sure existing customers were given quick turnaround times and fair prices was crucial for repeat business.

A3DA used a manual quoting process with a customized pricing sheet, and reached a common pain point in its growth: Quoting time was eating into productivity and revenue, and needed to be automated.

The team at A3DA was exploring the option of creating their own in-house automated quoting tool, which would require much more company time, expenses, and troubleshooting upfront but would hopefully pay off in the long run.

That’s when Jason Joo, A3DA’s [title TK] read about DigiFabster’s quote automation software as a service on a 3D printing news site and decided to contact us for a consultation.


Additive 3D Asia"Our first interaction was with DigiFabster Co-founder Peter Van Der Zouwen, and he understood our challenges from the very beginning. This assured us that we were speaking to the right people who understand our business and industry, and are able to give us direct feedback on how we can do things better."
Paulene SiewPaulene SiewManaging Director and Co-Founder

The team at A3DA knew that developing their own in-house quote automation system would take focus away from their core business, so they needed an industry professional who they could partner with to deliver a solution that would be easy to implement and could scale along with their business.


After speaking with DigiFabster, it was clear they’d found the right provider. With the DigiFabster team’s combined background in manufacturing, IT, and software, A3DA could see immediate benefits after onboarding.


Additive 3D Asia"At the end of the day, we grew our business in partnership with DigiFabster."
Jason JooJason JooRegional Sales Director and Co-Founder

After implementing the quick-quote widget on their website and directing customers to it, A3DA created a new revenue stream from current and brand-new customers.

The results were a game changer for A3DA: they were able to generate hundreds of new quotes each month, increase their sales by over 100% and fulfill a significant high increase of new orders per month, each with a value ranging from $1,000 to $3,000.

Their quote time has been whittled down to two minutes — a staggering improvement from their manual days when a quote could take anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on its complexity, and was only delivered during business hours.

A3DA now has a self-service option for its customers that’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“DigiFabster adapts quickly to our feedback as we grow and our needs change. We’re expanding our services to other countries in our region and will start offering high quality 3D printing post-processing, CNC, and laser-cutting. Rolling it all out with DigiFabster makes that expansion fast and easy.” - Paulene Siew, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Additive 3D Asia


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