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Software Provider Reseller Partnership Grants Enhanced Value to Complete 3D to Drive Revenue on Recurrent Basis

Complete 3D Teams Up with DigiFabster to Expand Product Offerings to New Zealand Manufacturers

First deal closed after 1 week!

Collect a new stream of recurring revenue on all deals

Expand product offerings as DigiFabster fits seamlessly into product suite

Based in New Zealand, Complete 3D connects customers with the expertise and digital manufacturing workflow required to solve business, design, or engineering problems. Unique in their approach, Complete 3D offers industry-leading consulting services that deliver significant productivity gains to enterprises through innovative use of technologies and expertise with a comprehensive portfolio of technologies of advanced hardware, software, and materials.

For over 30 years, Complete 3D has provided their customers with innovative solutions in equipment, materials, and software to help streamline and grow business. To expand on their offerings and offer a key software component, Complete 3D began their search for an automated quotation software to resell in their market.

After doing their due diligence and evaluating the RFQ marketplace, Complete 3D solidified their partnership and became the only DigiFabster reseller in New Zealand. Allowing them to add a new product offering to their suite of solutions.


Consulting Services

  • Expand product offering with a vetted online quotation platform from an established vendor that improves workflow efficiency
  • Gain new sales revenue on a recurring basis as a reseller


Complete3D"Often there is a disconnect between the before and the after for manufacturing equipment that can create workflow inefficiencies."
Jim CollinsJim CollinsManaging Director of Complete 3D

As a reseller, Complete 3D often finds that there is “a disconnect between the before and the after for manufacturing equipment that can create workflow inefficiencies,” states Jim Collins, Managing Director of Complete 3D. The machines help create and produce but what happens behind the scenes can create inefficiencies that slow business and growth.

While evaluating a customer’s processes, Complete 3D found that their customer had some workflow efficiencies that could be improved upon. That set Complete 3D on a mission to find a technology partner who offers online quotation services that can help improve those efficiencies.


Complete3D"We are blown away at how easy it is to work with DigiFabster."
Jim CollinsJim CollinsManaging Director of Complete 3D

Complete 3D vetted several systems that offered RFQ-type technology. After doing their due diligence, Complete 3D felt the reseller partnership with DigiFabster was unmatched by the other providers.

“We are blown away at how easy it is to work with DigiFabster,” says Jim Collins.“They are transparent with their customers and partners and are willing to listen to ideas and come up with solutions.”

DigiFabster’s automated quoting software and eCommerce solution is a product offering that will allow Complete 3D to cross sell into their existing customer base who could benefit from automating their quotation and eCommerce process as well as bring new business to the table that opens the door for cross selling their non-DigiFabster product offerings like 3D printing machines.


Within one week of signing the reseller agreement, Complete 3D had their first DigiFabster customer!

While Complete 3D and DigiFabster finalized the reseller agreement and completed their trainings and certifications, they worked in tandem to also finalize their first DigiFabster software deal.

Within one week of signing the reseller agreement, Complete 3D had their first DigiFabster customer!

These types of quick contracts create an additional revenue stream on a recurrent basis for Complete 3D. And allows their sales team to position themselves well against the competition as a one stop shop with a wide breadth of products.

As the partnership with DigiFabster grows, Complete 3D has their eye on expansion with CNC manufacturers as well as a possible expansion into Australia.

To learn more about Complete3D, we encourage you to visit their website.


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