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DigiFabster Revolutionizes Quoting and Customer Experience for this Rapid Prototyping Service

A rapid prototyping service that specializes in industrial plastic 3D printing technologies partnered with DigiFabster to set itself apart through innovation and customer satisfaction

Client Profile

Business typeIndustrial plastic 3D printing technologies
Output1000 - 2000 parts per day. 80% prototyping, 20% rapid manufacturing
Annual revenue~$10MM USD


"Customer purchasing experience is important for us. It’s how we generate customer loyalty."
— President, Rapid Prototyping Service

Advancements in 3D printing technology have made modern on-demand manufacturing more efficient and have pushed traditional manufacturing methods to their limits.

With a backdrop of labor shortages and rising costs, automation pre and post-processing stages has become indispensable for this French service bureau’s operations.

However, before production even starts, customers now expect rapid responsiveness, quality, and reliable communication on the front end.

To meet these demands, this service bureau needed to leverage its expertise and commercial assistance at scale.

Traditional quoting


"We chose DigiFabster for its simple, customisable interface, and its high speed of calculation."
— President, Rapid Prototyping Service

Enter: DigiFabster

The service bureau’s quest for efficiency across all their operations led them to DigiFabster. The decision was driven by DigiFabster's user-friendly interface and lightning-fast quote generation.

For a company processing thousands of parts daily, time saved on each quote translates directly into increased productivity and profitability.

Instant quoting


"Pricing is not equal to cost, and spending too much time on quotes means losing more potential business."
— President, Rapid Prototyping Service

Pricing with Precision and Purpose

Unlike companies fixated on penny-perfect pricing, this service bureau takes a strategic approach to pricing. They aim to align with market rates while prioritizing customer assistance and experience. It’s a holistic strategy that recognizes the big picture beyond mere cost and effectively grows their bottom line.

Traditional vs. Instant


Achieving Growth with DigiFabster

By partnering with DigiFabster, the service has accelerated its growth trajectory. They’ve prioritized the customer journey by implementing DigiFabster’s fast quoting tools.

With DigiFabster Pay, they’ve cut down on the time it takes to receive payments while providing customers a range of digital payment methods.

Overall, the enhanced responsiveness has fortified their position in the competitive landscape of industrial 3D printing.


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