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Shift3D Increases Sales 300% with DigiFabster and Smart Marketing

This service bureau launched a marketing campaign around their new instant quoting feature. Business tripled in their second year
Icon2 monthTo fully implement DigiFabster
Icon20% of customersUsing instant quotes
Icon300% Increase in salesCombined with new marketing

Shift 3D is a growing service bureau at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing in Jalisco, Mexico.

They collaborate with entrepreneurs, startups, universities and manufacturers and provide cutting-edge AM solutions.


Additive Manufacturing

  • Grow sales by cutting down on quote time.
  • Use fast quote times as a unique selling proposition in marketing efforts.
  • Find a quick and flexible solution for a young and fast-moving company.
  • Implement DigiFabster’s quoting tool to the website interface so customers can generate quotes on their own.
  • Combine quoting experience with an instant pay method for faster sales.
  • Put manual stops on larger orders so the sales team and engineer can confirm quotes and orders directly with clients.
  • Run files sent through other channels (email, etc.) through DigiFabster for quoting consistency.


Shift3D"We were spending about 30-40 minutes on each quote, then we’d give the customer a Word doc with pictures, names, and quantities of each part. It was slow, and it also looked bad."
Victor GonzálesVictor GonzálesOperations Manager, Shift 3D

Shift3D Manufacturing was founded in January 2019 through a partnership with parent company Shift3D and Hewlett-Packard. As a relatively new business, the service bureau’s goal was to achieve exponential growth in its second year of operation. Their strategy was to use quick quoting and turnaround times to stay competitive.

In its first year of business, Shift3D spent about 30-to-40 minutes on each quote, not counting the time each RFQ spent in their backlog. It was a mostly manual process that resulted in a clunky Word document emailed to the customer that included pictures, prices, quantities of parts, and a total quote.


Shift3D"We need to optimize our time across all of our operations. Automated quoting was an essential first step."
Victor GonzálesVictor GonzálesOperations Manager, Shift 3D

Shift3D Manufacturing looked for an automated, white-label quoting solution that they could implement easily on their site, and incorporate with their branding for a seamless customer experience.

Before finding DigiFabster, they encountered other automated solutions that required up-front licensing and fees before they could even see their manuals and examples — all without any promise of speed or efficacy.

DigiFabster was able to show Shift3D Manufacturing immediately how the platform works, provide transparent pricing, and offer customized solutions for their fast-growing business.

“It was simple enough to start using right away,” says Applications Engineer Mizraim Gopar, “but DigiFabster has robust options we can use later as our business grows.”

Two months after our first conversation, the DigiFabster quoting tool was fully implemented on Shift3D Manufacturing’s website and customers were seamlessly uploading CAD files and getting instant, accurate quotes.

Before & After


Shift3D"About 20% of our customers use the instant quoting tool exclusively, and we expect that number to grow to 50% by the end of 2021."
Victor GonzálesVictor GonzálesOperations Manager, Shift 3D

By leveraging the instant quote tool on their website and using marketing and email campaigns, as well as “How to” videos that they made in-house, Shift3D Manufacturing was able to educate customers on the instant quoting process.

The results? Increased sales by a staggering 300% in their second year of operation.

They cleverly used instant quoting as a unique selling proposition for their service bureau and converted those leads into paying customers. This allowed their engineer to spend more time on high-value orders that require more manual checks.

For customers who choose not to use instant quoting and email RFQs instead, Shift3D Manufacturing still runs customers’ files through DigiFabster to keep manual quoting to a minimum.

“We created social media campaigns, Google Ads, and email campaigns to existing clients about our new 5-minute quoting process, and sales grew by three times what they were the previous year.”


To learn more about Shift3D, we encourage you to visit their website.


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