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DigiFabster is connecting 3D manufacturers to people who need PPE

DigiFabster has created a resource guide for 3D manufacturers interested in making PPE and spare parts. We’re also connecting those shops to people in need

How we’re helping the fight against COVID‑19

Machines are standing idle and frontline workers are in dire need of personal protective equipment (PPE) and clinical supplies. DigiFabster has assembled a library of PPE and machine-part files that any 3D shop can access and use for production.

We’ve also created a directory of shops who are ready to produce these items for anyone in need, either as a donation, or at a heavy discount.

A complete resource for frontline workers and 3D manufacturers
who are ready to serve them


DigiFabster has assembled two extensive libraries of CAD files for PPE and Spare Parts. We’ve sourced these files from partners who are already producing these pieces, as well as from official sources such as the National Institute of Health.

Our goal is to make these libraries accessible for any AM shop that wants to use them, and any individual or organization who needs to order them.


We’ve also assembled a list of shops who can produce PPE and parts as a donation, or at a heavy discount to those who need it.

If your shop is ready to take PPE and parts orders, please email us to be added to the list.

More about the PPE and Parts Library

DigiFabster has vetted original PPE and parts sources and filled in any information that may be missing from other sites. These gaps are common during an emergency, when people are rushing to share critical info.

In each item, you’ll find:

  • The 3D model of the item
  • A dimensional sketch
  • Photo of the finished product
  • Recommendations for the technology/machinery, and materials shops need to order or produce these parts correctly and effectively

The items in this library are also everything an individual or organization needs to place an order with a 3D manufacturing shop. You shouldn’t need an engineering degree to order PPE or parts.


Spare Parts



What are the risks for producing and using 3D-manufactured PPE and parts?

3D-manufactured PPE and spare parts need no initial investment of time and money for tooling, but working without machined and finished tools means that they can never compete on surface smoothness and cleanability with injection molded parts. This could pose a potential risk to wearers.

However, recent 3D manufacture and efficacy of face shields has been successful, according to this story from CNN, and the NIH collections have passed clinical trials on an emergency basis.

DigiFabster has also sourced necessary standards for production from the FDA and CDC.

If your shop is still hesitant to produce PPE or spare parts, you can try creating something new to help “stop the spread.” Some manufacturers are making hands-free door openers and other tools to replace our contact with surfaces.


I’m a worker or organization interested in 3D-manufactured PPE or spare parts. Where do I start?

DigiFabster has assembled a directory of shops who are making these items and ready to take your order. Please visit our online directory here, and if you have questions or need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us: pz@digifabster.com


Where can I go with questions?

The DigiFabster PPE and Spare Parts library is a living, breathing resource that we’re continually updating with new info as it becomes available. DigiFabster clients can always reach us with questions, updates, or insights through our chat feature.

If you’re new to DigiFabster, you can contact Peter at pz@digifabster.com to be added to the shop directory, or with questions about the library.