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Frequently Asked Questions




Which languages and currencies do you support?

We are currently supporting English, Dutch, German, Russian and Spanish languages. More to come. Currencies we support so many, that it’s best to check within your Admin Portal when you undertake your initial setup. If, for some reason, you don’t see the currency you need, please let us know right away.


Can you help me with improving my website?

It is true that we are experienced and knowledgable in this field, and we do have something of value to share regarding what works best in our industry. Very soon we’ll be offering a kind of tutorial to our customers (format to be determined) on this topic. Down the road we are also contemplating providing tangible services for website setup and maintenance.


Can I cancel my subscription to your service?

Yes, but we would be very sorry to see you go. We also understand that circumstances can be different and not always fully controlled by us. Just write to us when and if you decide to cancel and we will handle it for you. Please familiarize yourself with details in our Terms and Conditions.


Why should I trust DigiFabster to help me?

It’s quite simple, really. We know what we are doing. In fact, we’ve been knowing this for a while. The ‘sell and run’ approach would not work for us in principle, only daily and hard work on keeping you happy and productive would allow us to stay healthy and fit. So, you can trust us because your trust is critical for our survival.


I am lost. What do I do?

Unless you are in a desert with no cellular service, we can probably help you. We have real humans, knowledgeable and multilingual humans, in our team who would be only happy to hear from you. Don’t be shy - do write or call.







If you do not see an answer to your question here, please email us directly at helpdesk@digifabster.com or use an feedback form

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