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How can cost estimating software boost your CNC machine shop's sales?

Providing instant online CNC quotes helps machine shops accommodate the changing needs of their customers. Use internally to reduce your RFQ response time to minutes or offer online quotes and orders 24/7 on your site with DigiFabster’s machine shop quoting software.
Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial
Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial

We have re-imagined how shop software is designed and implemented.

We get it - difficult to implement, expensive, and hard to use software isnt going to cut it. We designed DigiFabster to be different. You can be up and running in a matter of hours and our 24/7 support staff is ready to step in to help if needed if you have 1 or 100 machines.


Flexible Implementation

Not every shop is setting out to offer a fully automated e-commerce solution. Implement DigiFabster as an internal only machining cost estimator or set pricing thresholds for manual review when customers submit their CAD files. Our goal is simple- deliver the right level of automation that is needed for you to turn quotes around instantly to win more business.


Increase Revenue by Providing Instant Online CNC Quotes to Ready-To-Buy Prospects

Purchasers spend 70% of their time online. Go where they are! DigiFabster's super intuitive self-checkout tool allows them to get instant quotes for CNC jobs and place orders directly through your website.


Monetize Idle CNC Machine Time

DigiFabster’s machine shop estimating software reduces the cost of quoting and accepting smaller jobs, giving you a steady stream of new orders you can use to profitably fill idle capacity.


Reduce the Overhead Costs of Your CNC Machining Services

Quoting is one of the most labor-intensive processes. DigiFabster's instant online cnc quote tool helps manage client specifications, pricing, payment, and customer support, allowing you to focus on actual production.

Frequently Asked Questions


How accurate is your machining cost estimation software?

DigiFabster’s algorithms have an accuracy rate of around 99%, depending on your shop’s technology.


How does DigiFabster know my machining cost per hour?

DigiFabster uses machine learning to predict and forecast a price based on data from your CNC machining service and hundreds of shops around the world, and gets smarter with each quote.


What is the best machining cost estimation software for my shop?

DigiFabster’s CNC cost estimator supports a range of technologies for shops of all sizes. Learn more about its flexibility.


Can you provide an all-in-one solution from front-to-back end operations?

Yes! DigiFabster can be implemented across all technologies for quoting, receiving orders and payments, scheduling jobs, CRM, and accounting.


Can I connect DigiFabster to Quickbooks or Xero?

Yes. DigiFabster’s powerful API connects to these accounting products for seamless bookkeeping.


What does DigiFabster cost?

DigiFabster offers a flexible subscription service based on your shop’s size and specific needs. Our clients pay anywhere between $2,000 to $50,000 annually.

Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial

Trusted by manufacturing CEOs around the world

"DigiFabster offered us the potential to have our cake and eat it too. We could use the web to attract smaller jobs to fill our builds and maximize our efficiency, without the typical costs of customer acquisition."
Stijn Paridaens
Stijn ParidaensCEO at ZiggZagg
Industry3D Printing Service Bureau

Use our online RFQ estimation tools to streamline order process

Customers Batch Upload Native CAD & 3D Files and Get an Instant CNC Quote

Your customers simply drag-and-drop native CAD files or 3D models to DigiFabster widget and instant online cnc quotes; based on your pricing. We accept STEP, IGES, DXF files and attachments of 2D drawings.


Instant CNC Quotes With Manufacturing Feedback

CAD files process in minutes. Our tool checks files for machinability and provides an instant online CNC quote. We also show if repairs are required.

Price Estimation

Intelligent Machine Shop Quoting Software

While the customer uploads his files and specifies material, tolerance, drill holes, finish and lead time, our machine shop quoting software is hard at work in the background. We find the right size of blank based on a material's machinability and deliver accurate CNC costs for the customer.


Full Control of Your CNC Machine Shop Customers and Payments

DigiFabster’s CRM is specifically designed to address the particular needs of professional CNC shops, enabling them to easily process requests for quotes and orders. We don't charge a transaction fee and provide you online access to your orders and customers.


Integration With 3rd Parties

Make your back office processes even more productive. DigiFabster connects with Quickbooks, Hubspot, Shopify and other accounting, CRM and ERP software.


Hassle-free installation for your CNC machine shop

No more frustration with endless installation. You can start using DigiFabster machine shop quoting software right after setting up your machine prices. Just use your unique portal link or copy/paste one-line of code to your website.

Supported technologies

3D Printing
AM / 3D Printing
CNC Milling
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
CNC Turning
Wire EDM
Wire EDM
Water Jets
Water Jets
Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting


Secure file storage is our top priority

DigiFabster is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property. More than 200 customers trust us

On Premise


For ITAR, NADCAP, ISO licensed service providers, we offer a dedicated (local) installation. You’re getting top-notch security level as well as our monthly software updates.


ITAR Compliant

For ITAR licensed service providers, we offer a dedicated (local) installation and ensure design files, specifications, and other data are encrypted both in transmission and at rest.

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