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DigiFabster Self-Checkout

Powerful white-labeled e-commerce solution for your shop. Provide an instant quote-to-purchase solution for your customers on your web property
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Up to 30 multiple files upload
Rotate, zoom, 3d preview
Online DFM feedback
Pre-filled Quick Quote Generator
Instant total price


Expand revenue

Expand revenue by attracting small jobs to fill the build

Reduce quote time

Reduce quote time down from 24 hours to 10 minutes

Increase productivity

Increase productivity without increasing staff or costs

Real-time acces

Real-time access from anywhere

Keep customers in-house

Keep customers in-house

Increase customer base

Increase customer base

Answer Your Customers’ Request For Quotations (RFQ) Instantly

Reduce your lead time to nearly zero and offer your customers a great experience by giving them access to our web-based, Self-Checkout application. Reallocate time to actual production and quality, away from processing requests for quotes
Smart Material AssistanceSmart Material Assistance
Spam FiltrationSpam Filtration

Trusted By Over 250 Customers In 40 Countries

General Pattern
Additive 3D Asia
Thomson Linear

Automation With Personal Attention

DigiFabster helps you keep customers informed, forge stronger relationships, and free up your time for higher-value work
Customer Account

Customer Account

Auto Notifications

Auto Notifications

Manual Request Handling

Manual Request Handling

Auto Follow Up

Auto Follow Up

Promote Your Own Brand Using White Label

Use your own logo and colors to create your e-commerce presence, email templates and get payments directly from customers
CheckBranded Email Templates
CheckWhite Label Widget
CheckDirect Payments
CheckCustomer Base Export
White Label

Start Getting Orders Immediately After Installation

Check5-min installation
CheckFloat button or the widget
CheckSubdomain support
CheckMobile friendly
Pricing Flexibility

Pricing Flexibility

Hundreds of the most commonly used machines and materials are included in our database. All price influencing parameters; from most basic to most advanced, can be easily adjustedon the fly . Change one or change several; instantly watch the impact on the final price without leaving the screen.

Better File Preparation

Better File Preparation

We receive over 100,000 models per year. We leveraged this insight to develop a powerful engine that automatically finds and fixes common annoying gaps; such as mispositioned triangles, misaligned edges, uncalled for openings, holes, and wall thickness errors.

Rich Format Support

Rich Format Support

DigiFabster supports common file formats, including: .stp, .step, .stl, .obj, .igs, .iges, .wrl and archives with multiple uploading, up to 30 models at a time with 300+ MB limit.


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Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial


DigiFabster has the features to help your service bureau save on labor costs and close more business faster. Gain control of your ordering process with quoting automation and included customer relationship management (CRM) tools


DigiFabster can be easily integrated with many popular shop management programs, CRM, ERP, Bookkeeping, and Analytics software programs. In real-time, our solution can send pricing, specifications and customer order data, while also simultaneously receiving packing lists, tracking numbers and much more from any of your back-office systems


DigiFabster is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property