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Got MJF? Check Out Our New Pricing Guide

Get an edge against competition while also ensuring your pricing includes all the costs associated with HP’s new 3D printing technology
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To fully understand the costs of any 3D printing technology, you’ve got to go beyond machine and materials.

With the launch of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers, service bureaus and other users of additive manufacturing have a new choice in how they produce plastic parts. It's been advertised as an innovative new technology that offers better quality and speed at a lower cost.


But do those who are planning to use, or are already using MJF really understand its costs?

Our goal at DigiFabster is to ensure our customers have the best, most current information available. We want to provide data that helps them optimize our software, ensuring that the quotes they provide account for all their costs and maximize profitability.

With that in mind we’ve created a new user guide.

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion: How to Calculate Costs and Set Up Pricing.

In it, we cover the basics including machine and materials. But we also dig deeper, helping customers understand the role of HP’s other consumables and the impact of nesting, in addition to other “soft costs” associated with running their machines.

Perhaps most importantly, we provide real world guidance, helping our customers configure DigiFabster to account for all of the fixed and variable costs associated with HP’s 3D printing technology.

Get an edge your competitors can’t match. Download our new guide and use DigiFabster to manage your quotes, orders and project management.