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Accelerate Your Online Sales With DigiFabster

Win 3X more quotes by giving your customers online access, allowing them to price work on their own, anytime
Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial
Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial
QuoteDigiFabster has helped us in regards to labor cost because we don't have to slice files in order to complete a quote. We also don't have to make an invoice for every order as it is auto-generated by the software. Those two things alone are huge timesavers.
Northern Layers
Dane SheaOwner of Northern LayersCopenagen, Denmark
B2B Buyers Spend 70% of Their Time Online. Help Them Work More Productively by Providing Them With a Powerful and Flexible Online Estimating Tool

The value of online marketing and eCommerce is often underestimated by manufacturing companies. If you have a limited online presence, then you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Your prospects and customers want to buy online. If they can't buy from you, some will go elsewhere.

When it comes to sales efficiency and customer service, DigiFabster's Self-Checkout tool can make a big difference. Offering an online instant quotation tool with real-time feedback can help you attract new customers 24/7. Like the best eCommerce websites, providing a 3D preview and smooth user experience can help you keep and grow them.

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of buyers conduct some form of online research before making a purchase


want to buy online (no human intervention) when the specs are the same (new customers vs. repeat customers vs. reorders)


of B2B buyers want to buy online (no human intervention) in circumstances where they've previously purchased a product or service (and only the specifications have changed)


of B2B buyers want to buy online (no human intervention) in circumstances where they are purchasing a completely new product or service


of purchases are already at the request-for-proposal (RFP) stage by the time vendors are contacted


said they only engage with a sales rep after doing their own research

How It Works

Why DigiFabster?

Self-Checkout Tool turn prospects into buyers, automatically

Increase Revenue by Focusing on Prospects Who Are Ready to Buy

Smaller, infrequent customers require as much attention as larger ones. But lower volume jobs can help machine shops and service bureaus better utilize their equipment. Using the DigiFabster Self Checkout tool allows you to be more cost effective and gain more revenue.


Keep Your Customers In-House

It’s critically important to protect your customers data. Every client matters and each of them has the potential to generate repeat business. With DigiFabster you can ensure the security of your data while providing your customers key communication including status updates and invoices, all delivered via email, automatically.


No-Hassle Web Installation

No more frustration with endless installation. You can easily copy and paste one-line code and you are ready to go.


Catch Up Customer With Abandonment Shopping Cart

Don’t risk losing your customers by mistake. We take care of following up your customers automatically, and give you weekly reports of all your leads.


Measure and Optimize Your Offering

To improve your customer acquisition rate you need data. DigiFabster provides you with metrics you can use to track conversion rate ensuring your marketing efforts are delivering maximum return on investment. Just connect DigiFabster with Google Analytics, Facebook or Twitter Ads to gather this important data.

Case Study

"DigiFabster offered us the potential to have our cake and eat it too. We could use the web to attract smaller jobs to fill our builds and maximize our efficiency, without the typical costs of customer acquisition."
Michael Vandezande
Michael VandezandeCOO at ZiggZagg
Industry3D Printing Service Bureau


DigiFabster has the features to help your service bureau save on labor costs and close more business faster. Gain control of your ordering process with quoting automation and included customer relationship management (CRM) tools


DigiFabster can be easily integrated with many popular shop management programs, CRM, ERP, Bookkeeping, and Analytics software programs. In real-time, our solution can send pricing, specifications and customer order data, while also simultaneously receiving packing lists, tracking numbers and much more from any of your back-office systems


DigiFabster is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property

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