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We Helped Akhani 3D Shrink Their Quote Time and Increase Sales Substantially Within Weeks

Only three weeks after integrating DigiFabster’s Quick Quote and e-Commerce solutions, this Additive Manufacturing service bureau started receiving significant new orders per month.


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Quoting accuracy

Akhani 3D is the largest and most experienced commercial additive manufacturing service bureau in Africa. They provide Design, Product, and Application Development, Digital Moulding, 3D Scanning services, Polymer and Metal 3D Printing, Production Finishing and Colouring. Clients are in aerospace, industrial electronics, engineering businesses, automotive, medical and equipment manufacture.

DigiFabster’s platform enables Additive Manufacturing Service Bureaus to automate their quoting process and manage orders while also providing a seamless end-user experience.


Additive Manufacturing

  • Automate the quoting process to cut down on time spent generating estimates.
  • Use the digital solution as a call-to-action on other areas of the site.
  • Onboard company data to DigiFabster’s platform for consistent quoting automation.
  • Implement an order workflow that follows instant quotes to build and grow e-commerce business.
  • Direct prospects visiting other areas of the site to the online quote tool.


Akhani"We were running a semi-manual system to handle incoming requests for quotes, but we needed a more streamlined system to manage those requests, improve the quoting workflow, and keep our pricing consistent and competitive."
David BullockDavid BullockFounder and Director of Akhani 3D

Akhani 3D has focused their online marketing strategy on informational content such as blog posts and videos for prospects who are considering AM as a solution and want to learn more.

However, incoming requests for quotes were mostly managed via email, which required labor and could only take place during business hours in one time zone, stretching the sales cycle.

An online sales tool to instantly convert prospects into paying customers was a critical next step for the business. DigiFabster worked with Akhani 3D to implement a quick and automated process that takes the consumer from an educational entrypoint to placing an order in minutes.



Akhani"Education is key and we try to provide it right on our website."
David BullockDavid BullockFounder and Director of Akhani 3D

By leveraging DigiFabster’s QuickQuote software and deploying its quote “widgets” in high-traffic areas of the Akhani 3D website, such as blog posts and videos, Akhani 3D was able to capture leads, provide quotes within minutes, and grow and manage its pipeline.

Pairing DigiFabster QuickQuote with DigiFabster e-Commerce created a seamless ordering workflow once the quotes were generated, thus closing the time gap between a quote and a sale. Akhani 3D also used DigiFabster x Xero integration to dovetail sales data into its bookkeeping system, as well as DigiFabster’s CRM solution to manage all new and existing prospects and clients.


Akhani"Only three weeks after our kickoff with DigiFabster, the system was processing about 50-to-100 models per day, resulting in 5-to-10 orders with a median value of $180 per order."
David BullockDavid BullockFounder and Director of Akhani 3D

By the end of the year, Akhani 3D had generated over 120 new orders per month, resulting in significant e-commerce revenue. Quotes were generated within 3-to-5 minutes of a request, as opposed to the days it took with their previous manual system.


DigiFabster’s geometry engine performs with a 95% quoting accuracy that’s available 24-hours a day, eliminating wait times after customers submit a request. By leveraging the QuickQuote widget throughout their blog and video content, Akhani 3D was able to capture more leads. With DigiFabster e-Commerce, Akhani 3D could convert those leads into sales within minutes, and minimize the cost and time of acquiring new customers.

To learn more about Akhani, we encourage you to visit their website.


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