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Focus On Your Core Business While Gaining an Additional Revenue Stream

Give Your Salespeople the Support They Need
Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial
Get a personalized demo and 7-day free trial
QuoteEssentially what DigiFabster is doing in this case, is allowing a reseller of 3D printing equipment to be more efficient in how they produce sample models, which in turn helps them compress sales cycles and sell 3D printing equipment more quickly and efficiently.
John HauerGet3DSmartCincinnati, OH USA
Customer education and support are two of the most important tasks for equipment resellers. Offering sampling and production services can be a great way to show others how to do business, but managing all those RFQ’s still requires a significant investment in time and labor

Using DigiFabster's Self-Checkout and Quick Quote tools can significantly reduce the time spent on quoting, providing you with an online, automated sales machine.

How It Works

Accept sample requests online, 24/7

DigiFabster's tools help you accept sample requests online, putting them in a job management queue so your company can make sure every job is completed and returned on time


Focus on actual production and shipping

Save time and labor. Focus on more important tasks like producing and shipping samples, and let DigiFabster’s software take care of receiving, inspecting, fixing, and writing up orders


Track requests and improve turn time

Use DigiFabster's order management capabilities to track requests and improve turn time. The end result is better quality samples, delivered more quickly. Instead of dreading the thought of producing them, you can leverage sampling as a unique competitive advantage

Who Uses DigiFabster? Your Customers!

Your customers want to automate their workflow and you can help! By reselling DigiFabster's software you can make more money while helping your customers be more productive

Business owners

Improve the profitability of your shop. DigiFabster helps you generate more revenue while reducing the cost of labor-intensive activities like quoting, order entry and order management

Marketing teams

Offering an online instant quotation tool with real-time manufacturing feedback can help you attract new prospects 24/7. Provide a customer experience similar to the best eCommerce websites, on your site. Easily follow up with a QA survey to track customer satisfaction

Engineering teams

Support sampling requests and utilize your in-house equipment more efficiently, without the typical costs of manual business processes

Why Choose DigiFabster’s RFQ Automation Software?

DigiFabster instant 3D printing quotation tool interface

Answer Your Customers’ RFQ's Instantly

Reduce your lead time and offer your customers great service by giving them access to a +web-based, instant quote and self checkout option. Reallocate time to actual production, away from processing requests for quotes. By automating your quoting process, you can fulfill orders at a lower cost. But automation does not mean giving up personal attention. DigiFabster helps you keep customers informed through the whole order process

DigiFabster instant 3D printing quotation tool interface

RFQ Process Done Right

Antiquated ways of dealing with customer RFQ’s can't compete in a rapidly changing world of customer expectations. Today's customers expect a modern experience. If it takes you 24 hours+ to turn around a quote — you’ll lose business. DigiFabster’s Instant RFQ automation tool is the faster way to manage any type of RFQ - whether it's online, via email, or over the phone

DigiFabster instant 3D printing quotation tool interface

Simple and Easy Customer Relationship Management

DigiFabster’s job shop CRM suite is specifically designed to address the needs of additive manufacturers, enabling you to easily process orders and requests for quotes. Even update customers on order progress and post sale customer satisfaction surveys

DigiFabster instant 3D printing quotation tool interface

Build Your Customer Base With White Label and Customizations

Control the look and feel of your implementation to make it your own. Use your logo and color pallet , create unique email templates, even nudge customers using cart abandonment triggers for follow-up

DigiFabster instant 3D printing quotation tool interface

Easily set your pricing

We have hundreds of the most used machines and materials in our database. Our Assisted Setup will make getting started a breeze. All price influencing parameters,from most basic to most advanced, can be changed on the fly. Change one or change many — instantly watch the impact on the final price without leaving the screen. Our advanced discount and post-production options give you the ability to delight your customers


DigiFabster has the features to help your service bureau save on labor costs and close more business faster. Gain control of your ordering process with quoting automation and included customer relationship management (CRM) tools


DigiFabster can be easily integrated with many popular shop management programs, CRM, ERP, Bookkeeping, and Analytics software programs. In real-time, our solution can send pricing, specifications and customer order data, while also simultaneously receiving packing lists, tracking numbers and much more from any of your back-office systems


DigiFabster is built on the same AES-256 encryption that enterprise organizations and financial institutions around the world rely on to protect their intellectual property

How to Use DigiFabster


Web-based Widget

Start using DigiFabster by simply copy and pasting our HTML-code on your website. Drive traffic to your page and watch the orders come rolling in


In-house Quotation Tool

Struggling with tons of RFQ's via email? Just start using DigiFabster Quick Quote and respond in minutes without spending precious resources


Integration With 3rd Parties

Make your back office processes even more productive. DigiFabster connects with Quickbooks, Hubspot, Shopify and other accounting, CRM and ERP software to seamlessly manage your sales/order process. Even simplify your receivables collections


Custom-made Solution Based on API

Looking for a specific use case? No worries, DigiFabster’s API allows you to completely tailor our software to fit your needs

On Premise


Secure file storage is our top priority. All customer files are securely stored at AWS. However, for ITAR licensed service providers, we also offer a dedicated (local) installation with all the features of our web based solution

Case Study

"Essentially what DigiFabster is doing in this case, is allowing a reseller of 3D printing equipment to be more efficient in how they produce sample models, which in turn helps them compress sales cycles and sell 3D printing equipment more quickly and efficiently. That’s entirely different than the usual scenario where they help service bureaus manage quotes and orders."
John Hauer
John HauerGet3DSmart
Industry3D printing equipment provider

Frequently Asked Questions


How are you different from other RFQ automation providers?

Customers who use DigiFabster on a daily basis receive a very generous ROI. You can set up your DigiFabster account in less than two hours and start earning money very quickly. Moreover, our customers' success team takes care of you 24/7.


What about the security of our customer files?

We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to securely store all customers files. It allows us to keep monthly prices at an affordable level. However, we also offer an On-Premise solution, meaning you can install DigiFabster on a local server or use a dedicated AWS account.


Does DigiFabster work with my CRM or ERP system?

DigiFabster compliments other systems like SAP and Salesforce. We are precisely focused on delivering a robust RFQ automation solution for the advanced manufacturing market. That’s why we offer a wide range of 3rd party integrations with leading CRM, ERM, Accounting and marketing software, including systems like HubSpot, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Shopify, Wix, Quickbooks, Trello and many more. Just ask our support team and we’ll help you.


My customers send me orders using email, how can I teach them to use this?

Good question! Start by reading this guide, which will help you gain some initial traction with customers. Also use the Quick Quote tool, as well as the widget, to significantly reduce the time that you spend with spreadsheets and emails.


How accurate are your automatic calculations?

We are able to calculate an accurate price for all metals, polymers with a supports, powder, and regular plastics. Our pricing algorithm includes many different values, providing a combination of that gives you a perfect result.

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