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We are currently supporting English, Dutch, German, Russian and Spanish languages. More to come. Currencies we support so many, that it’s best to check within your Admin Portal when you undertake your initial setup. If, for some reason, you don’t see the currency you need, please let us know right away.

It is true that we are experienced and knowledgable in this field, and we do have something of value to share regarding what works best in our industry. Very soon we’ll be offering a kind of tutorial to our customers (format to be determined) on this topic. Down the road we are also contemplating providing tangible services for website setup and maintenance.

Yes, but we would be very sorry to see you go. We also understand that circumstances can be different and not always fully controlled by us. Just write to us when and if you decide to cancel and we will handle it for you. Please familiarize yourself with details in our Terms and Conditions.

It’s quite simple, really. We know what we are doing. In fact, we’ve been knowing this for a while. The ‘sell and run’ approach would not work for us in principle, only daily and hard work on keeping you happy and productive would allow us to stay healthy and fit. So, you can trust us because your trust is critical for our survival.

Unless you are in a desert with no cellular service, we can probably help you. We have real humans, knowledgeable and multilingual humans, in our team who would be only happy to hear from you. Don’t be shy - do write or call.

Yes and no. It depends of what your needs are. Generally speaking, we aim to create the solution that suits your needs, and are constantly listening to the market and our customers when adding new functionality and features. Please write to us with your thoughts.

There are many variable parameters you can change when setting up your materials, and they do have effect on the final price that your end-user will see. We do recommend that you use the 14-day Free Trial Period to set it all up and test extensively using the Test Upload functionality within your Admin Portal.

Yes, in short. And not only. We have aggressive plans in place to help you incorporate in one place all the services you are currently offering to your end users. Please stay tuned.

We have a sophisticated algorithm working in the background which checks and corrects the immediate ‘printability’ of an uploaded model. If the model is beyond repair, the corresponding message will appear on the screen, and this challenge can be then further addressed by you and/or your end user.

The former is a fixed frame on one of the pages on your website, and it does take up a bit of real estate on the screen. The latter is present on ever page, in the form of a smaller ‘button’ that your end user can easily see and click on once he decides to get a quote and place an order.

We have no plans to take over your business. As your partner, however, we aim to help you meet and exceed your end user’s expectations once he finds the way to your website. Our present, as well as future, features serve to assist you with acquiring new business and assuring repeat business from existing clientele.

We understand from first-hand experience that personal relationships with customers matter. A lot. At the same time, when the business is growing and time becomes a precious commodity, you would want to handle the volume without jeopardizing the level of service. That’s where our solution becomes quite indispensable.

It essentially means that your end-user will not see DigiFabster name in any communication from you. We are not chasing fame, and would be happy to have your company’s information prominently mentioned in all the interactions with your end user.

You’ll continue receiving those from your end- users, even with our widget properly imbedded and displayed on your website. Such is life. As of now, you can use our quotation engine internally from your Admin Portal, but you will also have to put in manually all the relevant customer information. In the near future we plan to make this process more automated, to ease the burden on you.

You have the flexibility to decide what form and depth of relationship you want to have with your end user. The idea, however, is to have it all anchored to one place, where you can easily see any history, changes, etc. Some routine tasks we automate for your convenience, but only where it makes sense.

Yes. You can start a 14-day Free Trial by simply registering, with minimum information from you and no credit card required. This offers plenty of time to check out our solution at zero cost or risk to you.

We want to be your partner and help you grow your business, and not to ‘milk’ your business. This is the least costly way for you of the ones offered in the market, and we put measures in place to assist you with turning quotes into paid orders.

We offer 3 different levels for you to choose from to fit your needs, mainly depending on your monthly quote traffic and the need for basic customization (i.e. ‘white label’). You can’t go wrong by starting at Free level, and then moving up from there.

Yes, we’ll be happy to accommodate your wish. Just send us en email and we’ll make it happen promptly. Naturally, your effective billing date will change.

Yes. You get a monthly invoice from us by email with detailed breakdown of the charges, both fixed and variable where applicable.

As secure as it gets. We don’t see, and cannot see, your credit card information. Stripe, the world renowned and reputable financial services leader, is the processing intermediary between us. Please be aware that only cards with CVV code can be used.

This can happen if your payment information is invalid or expired, and we would send you a few reminders to correct this. After two weeks of not being able to process your payments to us we, reluctantly, disable your account.

If you do not see an answer to your question here, please email us directly at or use an feedback form.

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