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$  59 49  / mo.

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Limits and overquota pricing

Quotes 100 300 1000
Multiple models upload 10 20 30
Overquota?The quote is a successfully uploaded model with instant quotation generated for the end-user. Whereas the over quote counts when you go beyond the limit in the pricing plan. 79 ¢ 49 ¢ 1 ¢

Advanced features

White label and senders email ? We do not interfere with your customer interactions and relationships. You choose logo, email address and text for communication with your customer.
Third-party integration (Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, etc.) ? We provide integration with industry leading solutions to ensure that DigiFabster is seamlessly integrated in the overall picture of business effectiveness.
Smart manual check ? We allow customers to rotate, scale and ask for help while making their orders.
Follow up emails ? You can directly influence customer loyalty through direct, consistent and timely communication through use of preset marketing tools, included abandoned basket, reason of 'no order' etc.
Lead notifications ? You increase your lead conversion rate via value and price transparency. The built-in 'lead conversion' tools are at your disposal to follow up with credible inquiries.
Discounts ? Stimulate desired customer behavior by creating incentives using various discounts and promo codes.
Custom email templates ? As part of our ‘white label’ offering, you can exercise an option to have text, layout and logotype in communication with your customers customized to fit your tastes and needs.
CSV export ? All your precious accumulated customer and order data can be easily exported into a universal CSV format, for subsequent analysis, sharing, importation, etc.
Dedicated support ? Limited customization of existing solution that requires some coding effort is available only to customers at VIP subscription level. All inquiries above and beyond are discussed and priced separately.
Priority material setup ? We can guide you through the process until full completion, or, alternatively, use your data, in whatever format you have them available, to set up the materials according to your current practices.
Tracking service integration (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc.) ? We provide integration with industry leading services like Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Pixel, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Read-only API access ? Simplest data access for polling clients, orders or models info. Having received your API key, you can, for example, import invoice data into your book-keeping program, or client data into your CRM using GET-requests.
Automatic API notifications ? Get live updates about your new orders automatically via webhooks. You can choose one of a number of ready-to-use integrations with popular book-keeping and CRM programs such as Salesforce, SAP, Quickbooks and others. Otherwise we can make custom integration for you or help with creating your own (long-term subscription only).
Full access API ? If you have or are planning to develop your own web shop and you just want our repairing and pricing capabilities, this is the option to go for. In this case you can use your own design for the loading page, your own shopping cart and your own check out, while we will cover all internal operations and back-office functionality.

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Why Choose DigiFabster?

If I get

300 quotes / mo

10 orders / mo

$ 50 average order

My revenue

$ 249  / month

My cost

$49 / month

Our offer

$225 / month

Competitors' offer

Coming soon…

  • Analytic reports

    Get a full dashboard of all your activities like average order size, sales dynamics, conversion and many more

  • Email integration

    Say “goodbye" to switching between DigiFabster and email. All orders and customers in one convenient interface

  • In-house quote generator

    Sometimes the customers' order is of such complexity that you’ll most likely price it offline. We ease that burden by offering to use our integrated in-house calculation tool, with all the customer and model data readily stored within the DigiFabster realm as additional benefit

  • Automated quotation for CNC

    We aim to cover all digital manufacturing technologies, and are ready to address the varied and comprehensive needs of our customers

  • Production follow-up

    Monitoring and steering the whole production process is of key importance. We help you fill the gaps and address the weak links in this important chain

Quick FAQ

Yes. You can start a 14-day Free Trial by simply registering, with minimum information from you and no credit card required. This gives you plenty of time to check out our solution at zero cost or risk to you.

We want to be your partner and help you grow your business, not 'milk' your business, so we don't take commissions. This is the least costly way for you of the ones offered in the market, and we put measures in place to assist you with turning quotes into paid orders.

We offer 4 different levels for you to choose from to fit your needs, mainly depending on your monthly quote traffic and the need for basic customization (i.e. 'white label'). You can't go wrong by starting at Free level, and then move up from there.

No, for now you don't. When you create quotes yourself you are forced to apply manual effort and we don’t want to penalize you for that. It is not the optimal scenario for either you or your end-user, so it makes more sense to continue steering quotes toward instant quotation widget on your website.

Yes, you can do that in your back office, on the billing page. Naturally, your effective billing date will change. For details have a look at our T&C.

Yes. You can pick up your invoices, as soon as they become due, in your back office, on the Billing Page.

As secure as it gets. We don't see, and cannot see, your credit card information, except the four last numbers, only for reference. Stripe, the world renowned and reputable financial services leader, is the processing intermediary between us. Please be aware that only cards with CVV code can be used.

Yes, but we would be very sorry to see you go. We also understand that circumstances can be different and not always fully controlled by us. Just write to us when and if you decide to cancel and we will handle it for you. Please familiarize yourself with details in our Terms and Conditions.

This can happen if your payment information is invalid or expired, and we would send you a few reminders to correct this. After two weeks of not being able to process your payments to us we, reluctantly, disable your account.

It's quite simple, really. We know what we are doing. In fact, we've been knowing this for a while. The 'sell and run' approach would not work for us in principle, only daily hard work to keep you happy and productive will allow us to stay healthy and fit. So, you can trust us because your trust is critical for our survival.

This means you simply send us the names of your current printers and materials plus current calculations, plus a few models to benchmark, and we set up your printers and materials for you, usually within 24 hours.

First of all, the long term plans are 25% cheaper. Secondly, if you have special requests, we are more willing to prioritize them for longer term customers. This is not official policy, it's just how things work.

You can upgrade your Paid Account or Beginner (Free) Account at any time. You can upgrade from a Beginner Account to a Paid Account or from one type of Paid Account to another. When you upgrade from a Paid Account to another type of Paid Account, we will apply the unused portion of your old Subscription Fee to the cost of your upgraded account type. Also, you can downgrade your Paid Account to a different Paid Account. But downgrading your account may cause the loss of data, features, or capacity of your account and no fees are refunded.

This is all depends on your needs. DigiFabster is a very flexible solution, so we're support some CRM/ERP integration (SAP, Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, AmoCRM) and also analytics integration (Google Analytics, Adwords, Facebook Pixel, Twitter and LinkedIn Ads). CRM/ERP integration is available if you're committing to long terms plans (Basic Quarterly, Premium Half-a-Year, VIP Annual). For analytics integration we offer the support on any Paid plans, from monthly to long-term plans.

Basically, yes. We're keeping your data safe, but it's available to export at any time. The only limitation is the use of a paid plan (Basic, Premium, VIP) and the absence of any debts to us.

Within the VIP plan we provide the technical support, if you need to put the widget to your website or change some colors in the widget layout. The support is not unlimited, but we will do our best to make you comfortable with us.

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