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DigiFabster Flattens a Steep Learning Curve for Empire3D’s New Service

After onboarding a new HP Multi-Jet Fusion Printer, this full-service product development shop had to start generating accurate quotes for their new service, quickly.


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Based in Attleboro, Massachusetts, Empire Group is a full-service shop that supports designers, engineers, and entrepreneurs at any and all stages of product development. For more than twenty years, they have worked with companies in consumer goods, medical devices, military & defense, and other industries, from ideation to production.

Rather than spend a lot of time and money learning through a trial and error process, Empire 3D quickly leveraged DigiFabster’s data and expertise in the MJF space to get estimating for prototypes and short-run production from a few days to under an hour.

DigiFabster’s manual order-review mode offers a streamlined quoting process, improving pricing consistency and increasing orders, while allowing employees to spend more time building customer relationships.


Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

  • Automate quoting process with DigiFabster Quick Quote, streamlining workflow and reducing time spent on individual RFQs.
  • Generate accurate quotes for new MJF printer, specifically.
  • Onboard company data to DigiFabster’s platform for consistent quoting automation.
  • Use historical data from DigiFabster network to approximate MJF costs.


Empire3D"We started to put together a quoting process for HP’s Multi Jet Fusion, but we couldn’t nail it in comparison to our competitors. We weren’t sure where we were making errors."
Mike HarringtonMike HarringtonRP Manager of Empire Group

With HP’s Multi Jet Fusion, Empire Group expanded into powder bed fusion 3D printing, giving customers the design freedom and adaptability to create complex parts at a low cost. But they needed to develop an efficient quoting process for the new technology.


Empire3D"I stumbled across DigiFabster, and their work with Multi Jet Fusion technology was ahead of the game."
Mike HarringtonMike HarringtonRP Manager of Empire Group

A manual option of DigiFabster’s QuickQuote software helped Empire Group automate estimates for MJF prototypes. Customization allows for easy changes on the fly, including a simple application of discounts, by customer or by time period. The software’s tools have also supported Empire in refining a consistent and competitive pricing model.


Empire3D"It’s quick and painless. We get costs as fast as we can upload the parts to the site"
Mike HarringtonMike HarringtonRP Manager of Empire Group

Empire Group now processes RFQs for MJF orders ranging from $100 to $7,000 within minutes—much more quickly than the multi-step workflow used for other printing technologies—with 95% accuracy. They’re currently exploring other ways they can integrate DigiFabster technology to other areas of their service and operations.

To learn more about Empire3D, we encourage you to visit their website.


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