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DigiFabster Helps Fácil3D Automate Its Front-End Workflow

How DigiFabster’s software-as-a-service platform helps 3D printing service bureaus increase customer satisfaction while reducing the cost of labor-intensive activities like quoting, order entry and project management

Fácil 3D is a 3D printing service bureau located in Santiago, Chile. The company was founded in 2013 as a service bureau, with the aim of offering clients with an alternative to traditional manufacturing. Fácil 3D focuses on producing topographic models and scale models for the engineering, mining and power industry.

Their customers include Siemens, Aguas Andinas, Carozzi, and other industry leaders. Fácil 3D’s cutting-edge 3D printing capabilities offer their customers several different options, including color jet, fused deposition modeling (FDM) and selective laser sintering (SLS). This allows clients to create products in many different plastics including ABS and nylon, and in full-color sandstone.


3D Printing Equipment Reseller and Service Bureau


Utilize DigiFabster’s software-as-a-service (SAAS) platform to automate quoting, order entry, and customer relationship management, with the goals of reducing the labor involved with sales and job management.


Create an account, populate and configure the software’s administrative area with the correct pricing and specifications, and deploy DigiFabster’s widget on Fácil 3D’s webpage.


Fácil 3D"The primary challenge we had was educating customers on the requirements for 3d printing. They needed to understand how to supply the print-ready 3D models. It also took a long time to quote every project because customers were just beginning to understand the process and constraints involved."
Sebastián PodestaSebastián PodestaOwner at Fácil 3D

One of the biggest hurdles most service bureaus face is the amount of time required to educate customers on how to get pricing and submit jobs for 3D printing. When providing their own designs, customers must be aware of many common requirements, including size, geometry, orientation, and wall thickness, among others. Further, many quotes go through several iterations before they are accepted. Managing this process consumes considerable labor hours.

Once a quote is accepted and a job is ready for submission, several activities must be accomplished. Other information about the customer, including billing and shipping data is typically required. Once provided, it must be entered into a service bureau’s software system. Depending on the level of automation, this could include an accounting package or some form of shop management system. At the very least, a physical work order is created.

Throughout the process, communication with the customer is required. They may need to review and approve a rendering, or if the item is being produced in quantity, a physical proof. These tasks are often handled via emails and phone calls, driving the labor cost upward.

In some cases the cost of all this work can exceed $150 (USD) or more per order.


Fácil 3D"The DigiFabster platform helped us get away from all the effort that goes into quoting and concentrate on other work. That is so vital for the business, letting us be more efficient on how we spend our time."
Sebastián PodestaSebastián PodestaOwner at Fácil 3D

Once Fácil 3D signed up on the DigiFabster platform, they were immediately able to access the software’s administrative panel. There they were able to enter information about their business, their equipment, materials and more. They were also able to use DigiFabster’s flexible tools to determine their pricing. Once that was complete, they could easily test and modify until the pricing was exactly where they wanted it.


Once the data was populated, Fácil 3D created a widget for use on their website. The widget is based on simple iFrame code can reside on any webpage. With the code in place, they were ready to activate the software and begin quoting and taking orders online.



Fácil 3D"We were able to streamline the process, offering faster quoting and shorter overall turn times. The solution provided by DigiFabster will help us be more competitive and grow our business with less overhead cost."
Sebastián PodestaSebastián PodestaOwner at Fácil 3D

By using software from DigiFabster, Fácil 3D was able to shorten the average amount of time they spend per quote from 45 minutes, down to 30. The time savings can be reapplied on other new quotes, or to project management and other parts of the business.

Further, the software has helped Fácil 3D win more business. Prior to working with DigiFabster, the company was winning 10% of their quotes, now that number is up to a much healthier 30%. In part this is because prospective customers can see the impact of changes in real-time and select options that best fit their budget.

When orders arrive, the system automatically notifies the staff at Fácil 3D. All the necessary information is included, which eliminated much of the back-and-forth that typically went with signing up a new client. Being easily able to accept credit cards also reduced the risk involved with invoicing. Jobs went from being paid upon completion to pay upon order.

Finally, managing projects became much easier for Fácil 3D. All of the information about each customer, including 3D models was conveniently available in the DigiFabster system. This allowed the team at Fácil 3D to move customers through the buying process more quickly, while also providing each client with a history of their projects and orders. Giving customers the ability to place re-orders online created even more opportunity, helping Fácil 3D grow their business with existing users of the system.

To learn more about Fácil3D, we encourage you to visit their website.


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