Shorten the quotation-to-order path. Drastically. Around the clock.

DigiFabster provides superior and cost-effective tools for managing 3D printing quotes, orders and customers, while fostering and streamlining repeat business without interfering in customer relationships.


3D Printing Calculator for your customers

Offer the customer the user-friendly tool backed by sophisticated, cutting edge technology. Turn curious 'window shoppers' into loyal customers. Reallocate time to actual production, away from processing requests for quotes.


Get simple and light 3D Printing CRM system

3D Printing CRM suite from DigiFabster is specifically designed to address the particular needs of 3D printing professionals, and enables them to easily process requests for quotes and orders.

  • Sorting and filtering data fields
  • Changing and communicating order status
  • Applying relevant sales taxes and VATs
  • Offering various discounts and promotions
  • Generating and sending invoices and receipts
  • Exporting customer and order data into ubiquitous format

Get ready-to-print 3D models instantly

The cloud-based program analyzes each uploaded 3D model and automatically finds glaring irregularities and fixes them, thus enabling a seamless transition to the actual production. It addresses common annoying gaps, such as mispositioned triangles, misaligned edges, and uncalled-for openings.

All-in-one launchpad for 3DP service

‘No pain - no gain!’ the saying goes… With us though - much to gain with so little pain. 30 minutes or so to set up your pricing, and you are ready to roll. Hundreds of pre-defined 3D printers and materials at your disposal to choose from, plus a multitude of options for fine-tuning the price.

  • Per part fee
  • Startup cost
  • Price per cubic cm
  • Price per gram
  • Nominal growth rate
  • Layer thickness
  • Price per hour
  • Coloring
  • Filling
  • Price of surface area
  • Price of volume bounding box
  • Density
  • Lead time
  • Shell closeness
  • Minimal hole
  • Nominal layer thickness
  • Painting
  • Sanding
  • Price of model height
  • Minimal wall thickness
  • Surface solvent application
  • Drilling

'Know Thy Customer!' Cause... If you don't, somebody else will.

Your customer can easily recall all his history of doing business with you and will be eager to come back for more.

Be unique!

You can program timely and professional correspondence with your customer while strengthening focus on your core competence

Conversion improvement

We allow customers to change 3D model orientation to fit the printer size which leads to higher order conversion rate.


Material choice help

Build your own material guide which will allow customers to find right materials just for their needs.


Start building customers’ loyalty now!


Your customers — your business

Building an online quoting and checkout tool would be incredibly expensive for a small business and could take years of painstaking development. We offer the same great instant order process as some of the other larger service bureaus, starting with just $49 per month . Enjoying the benefits of ‘white label’ at this rate - a dream come true!

Third-party integrations

We integrates with industry leading companies to ensure that the only limit to the ways you can use DigiFabster is your imagination. Whether you’re seeking increased automation, enhanced reporting or want DigiFabster to work with other software you’re already using, there’s bound to be an integration that meets your needs.

Payment methods support

DigiFabster supports most popular methods of payment, such as PayPal, Stripe, iDeal, plus the more traditional, and still often demanded, generation of electronic invoices. This brings considerable transparency, security and speed to the financial transactions with the end-user.


With DigiFabster’s powerful API, much of the dirty work is taken care of for you. As you sell, our documentation and support will help you along the way, ensuring no deal or point of contact falls through the cracks.

More goodies

Great teams  DigiFabster

Tangent Design
Christina Perla

DigiFabster’s UI is incomparable to others and the speed at which the backend operates is very much faster than any other solution. For a software that will handle a great deal of STL files, order details, and customer information, speed is of the essence. Their customer service is great, and there is a great team behind this software! DigiFabster is our go-to solution.

Christina Perla, co-founder Makelab & Tangent Design Inc.
Tangent Design
Christina Perla

We first came across DigiFabster by reading about it an article on the internet. Then we have done some research, and concluded that we liked its offer and shared its vision about customer needs. Using the DigiFabster platform allowed us to streamline our customer quotations to delivery workflow, and its team has been really helpful and open to tailor and improve the platform to fit our needs

Sebastián Podestá, Gerente de Operaciones, Fácil 3D
Tangent Design
Christina Perla

Thanks so much for the effort you guys put in, we really appreciate it


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